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Here are the most recent user puzzle reviews

  • Jack O Lantern Mahjong

    4 Star Rating

    Review by Portia

    A very satisfying puzzle. It is like a little brain treat in the afternoon.

  • Dr Zed

    5 Star Rating

    Review by di

    first time playing this Mahjong. It was fun because of the
    difference because it was candy. I will return to

  • pyramid steps

    3 Star Rating

    Review by marge

    good layout but I would prefer a little more of a
    highlighting of matching tiles.

  • Square

    5 Star Rating

    Review by Zoey

    I liked the game though would be better if it would fit the screen
    without any ads, have more realistic candy and c

  • alien

    5 Star Rating

    Review by fireangel

    more candy pieces that look like candy, like gummy bears, reeses
    cups, bubble gum and so on. Love the game. kee

  • Christmas Gift

    5 Star Rating

    Review by melissa straughn

    I really enjoyed this puzzle. mahjong is one of my favorite games .

  • bonniecrousegmailcom

    5 Star Rating

    Review by Ak

    Love th e game

  • ettan

    5 Star Rating

    Review by dee

    Fast to play, didn't get bored, and lots of choices

  • alien

    5 Star Rating

    Review by Angie


  • Relaxing with a Desert Coffee

    5 Star Rating

    Review by

    I like big puzzles that leave no tile unmatched.

  • its a treeeet

    5 Star Rating

    Review by Tracey g

    This is a very fun way to spend a rainy afternoon up here on the
    Columbia River.

  • The Fortress

    5 Star Rating

    Review by anna blocker

    Could you add some kind of music with all these? For me that's all
    thats missing>

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